Edmonton Stroke Rounds 2013

Alberta Health Services coordinates monthly Rehabilitation Rounds. This March 2013 session consisted of two groups presenting cases that utilized The Neurogym Trainer Biofeedback System specifically for Stroke rehab.

Sit-To-Stand Trainer

Not a lift, the Sit-to-Stand Trainer actively assists the standing motion with support at the knees, trunk and arms. Using a counter-weight mechanism, it provides graduated support the coordination of the standing and sitting motion even in individuals who have not stood in years to enable safe, effective strengthening of weight-bearing muscles and assists in re-learning. Equipped with a weight stack and locking pulley system, the Sit-to-Stand Trainer is mounted on wheels and fits through any standard doorway so that it can be easily wheeled from room to room. It can be used directly from a wheelchair or the bedside.

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