Enhancing the MOVE Initiative

The MOVE (Mobility of Vulnerable Elders) initiative was created by the Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario to improve the mobility, function and health-related quality of life of LTC residents and hospitalized elderly. In this 2nd in a series of Educational Notes on the MOVE Initiative, our Founder, Avi Nativ PhD PT, discusses how such mobility initiatives can be enhanced to improve their effectiveness for elderly who are still capable of standing & walking.

Feasibility of Mobilizing Frail Elderly

Immobility among the elderly is a major reason for functional decline. It also raises the risk of health complications.  How can we best combat immobility in this population? How feasible is it to implement effective, practical and cost-effective interventions? In this Education Note, our Founder discusses the MOVE (Mobility Of Vulnerable Elders) initiative in both hospital and LTC settings.  Future Notes in this series will review more specific, measurable interventions that can be achieved with the NeuroGym Technologies equipment.

Standing Frames versus Sit to Stand Trainer

In this Educational Note from our Founder, the effectiveness of different standing devices as a means of progressing mobility and function are compared as they relate to changes in Quality Measures/Indicators.  Learn why the ability to transfer, stand up independently or perform activities of daily living (ADL) can be more positively affected by using ‘enabling’ techniques that allow for strengthening key joints and training of the complete sequence of the standing-up movement, than through some older, more familiar methods.