Peter Lopez D.V.M. New York, USA – Customer

I really do not have the words to describe the happiness that encloses my soul and heart this moment. I received the Bungee Mobility Trainer yesterday afternoon and was extremely anxious, not knowing how I would feel on the unit, very little sleep. In short I can tell you: “IT WAS AMAZING.” It exceeded my expectation by 100 folds. You see, though I was able to walk with a cane while holding to another person I was never loading weight on my muscles as I did on the Bungee Mobility Trainer. It felt so good to feel all of my legs, hips and core working together as a unit, I almost broke down and cried. We then practice doing squats and though it was difficult I can see how my quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and transverse abdominis immediately began to find each other to work as a unit; it was like an orchestra tuning into a new song.
Avi, I really do not have the words to thank you for your invention, it is truly enlightening and liberating for those of us who have mobility problems.

Chelsea, Caregiver to Ben, Acquired Brain Injury Survivor, Australia

The bungee mobility trainer is fantastic, Ben takes it up to the gym and uses the aerobics room to practice walking and standing and balance for nearly four hours a day. He places a step in front of him, and is able to make his left foot (the deficit side) lift and place properly on the step and lift and place back down. We use an exercise ball and get him to bring his knee up and try and get his heel to touch his bum when lifting his foot backwards to kick the ball forward. He is able to stand when we go out to functions and be eye level with everyone instead of the conversation happening a few feet above him and only being able to join in when someone asks him a question. His two younger nieces who are just two have also begun to interact with him differently as they are a bit weary of the wheelchair and Ben not being able to talk properly but they were dancing in the living room together on the very first day he got it. It was quite amazing.

Dianne Barsevich, PT Burloak Long Term Care Centre, Burlington, ON:

The NeuroGym Bungee Mobility Trainer has given a male resident real motivation to get back on his feet. At 6 feet tall, he has OA, Lt knee replacement and COPD and was walking the hallway with the Bungee Mobility Trainer. It enabled him to improve his standing posture, improve his balance and increase the distance he could walk as he is able to rest when his shortness of breath comprises his gait training. Although a medical set back landed him in the hospital, he is now back at the Facility and starting with the Sit-to-Stand. However, remembering the pleasure of walking with the Bungee Mobility Trainer, he’s truly motivated and eager for treatment.

Mr. D, Resident of Casa Verde Health Centre, Downsview, ON:

The first time I walked using the Bungee Mobility Trainer after a long time of not walking, I woke up the following morning feeling much stronger. My feet are more useful now and my steps more secure. Walking is an easy task for me now and I’m more at ease when doing it. It gives me motivation to try harder. I was even able to walk around the building after a few sessions using the NeuroGym equipment.

Mr. S, Resident at Casa Verde Health Centre, Downsview, ON:

This machine gives me a chance to finally stretch my legs and back in a way where I feel secure and safe. I finally can walk without the fear of falling. I feel complete independence while I walk. I feel like I am in charge!”

M. Guram, Restorative Care Aide, Casa Verde Health Centre, Downsview, ON:

Seeing the confidence build in a resident while using the Bungee Mobility Trainer is priceless. The motivation that the residents have while using the Bungee Mobility Trainer shows me as a caregiver that they feel secure and safe and not afraid. As a caregiver, the residents using this equipment would most likely not be walking because of safety reasons for the the resident and the caregiver. But seeing what this equipment has done for may of our residents like building their confidence, and motivation along with the feeling of independence while they walk along the hallways, seeing them smile as they walk in front of other residents and staff makes their day and also ours.

Greg Almas, Head Coach of the Club Fitness Centre, Shalom Village, Hamilton, ON:

Shalom Village is a community of services for older adults. Built in their neighbourhood, Shalom Village provides supportive housing, long-term care, or “Shalom for the day” programs. Included in our community is “The Club”, an innovative fitness centre for people over the age of 70. With over 170 members, a big attraction of the club is its spirit, where members strive to remain independent and confident. The NeuroGym Bungee Mobility Trainer has added significantly to this spirit. Using the Bungee Mobility Trainers, clients can now participate in “upright” activities, such as modified soccer and golf, just to name a few. What a feeling to be literally back on their feet! While participants are preoccupied with the fun of it all, they are strengthening their side balance and core as well as their hand-eye-coordination. A marked improvement is when they can reach for the ball or swing the club without falling off to the side.

Nancy Martin, DOC Burloak Long Term Care Centre, Burlington, ON:

I thought we bought the Bungee Mobility Trainer and Sit-to-Stand for the residents but the staff are so enthused with getting residents up, it’s a party every week.