Strengthen weak, paretic, sprained or post-surgical ankles by isolating and training targeted muscle groups through a complete range of motion.

The NeuroGym® Ankle Trainer is a lightweight, portable device with an axle and foot platform that can be locked into place.

This unique design permits training in dorsiflexion, plantar flexion, inversion, eversion, internal and external rotation—motions that are difficult to isolate and specifically strengthen.

Key Benefits

  • Regain strength and control of targeted ankle muscles
  • Build strength even in paretic ankles that have minimal strength and control

Research in neural plasticity has shown that patients’ capacity to relearn lost motor abilities is much greater than previously believed. Until now, however, therapists have had few, if any, tools to help make this possible. The NeuroGym Technologies equipment, developed by physiotherapists, can help you enable your patients to recover and progress beyond expectations.

The Ankle Trainer is one of several mobility enabling tools designed by NeuroGym Technologies to promote the motor-relearning process and significantly improve patient mobility. Each piece of equipment can be used on its own or combined with a biofeedback-based computer program.

“Before using the NeuroGym Ankle Trainer, I used to always wear down the left heel of my shoe. Now with my improved ankle control, I notice that my shoe doesn’t wear down.”

A 50-year old cerebellar stroke client who regained functional ankle eversion

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