Each piece of equipment from NeuroGym® Technologies is designed to be an enabler of movement.

Whether for individuals undergoing rehabilitation, for those wanting to maintain adequate strength and mobility to remain living independently at home or in a retirement residence, or for those in skilled nursing facilities who desire increased quality of life and functional independence, the NeuroGym® line of mobility training equipment provides an effective solution.

For therapists working in neurologic rehabilitation, post-surgical orthopaedic rehabilitation or cardiac rehab, the NeuroGym® equipment provides a very effective way to achieve and even surpass standard therapeutic goals.

In long term care settings, the NeuroGym® line of mobility enabling devices is changing lives and improving quality of life by enriching the quality and variety of mobility training options for frail and elderly individuals,

The application notes and articles on the right can be downloaded as examples of how the NeuroGym® Technologies equipment can be used in a variety of settings to improve clinical outcomes and make mobility training more effective and enjoyable.

Application Notes

Optimizing Rehab Minutes

NeuroGym equipment enables those who are either unsafe or unable to move to more effectively practice and improve their functional mobility.  This recent application note, Optimizing Rehab Minutes: A Focus on ‘Functional Training’ discusses how this can be accomplished in LTC and post-acute settings.

Improving Mobility : The Why & How

Why is maintaining and improving the function and mobility of residents in Long Term Care (LTC) so important? In today’s market, there are several driving factors, but quite simply, it is because improved mobility translates into health care cost savings.  Our latest application note reviews a study conducted in a LTC facility. It demonstrates that […]

Hip & Knee – Improve Outcomes/Limit Costs

Bundled Payments for Hip and Knee procedures will soon be a reality for many facilities in the US.  Leading edge equipment can help ensure the most effective rehab, improve outcomes and manage costs.  Our latest application note on Rehabilitation of the Hip and Knee provides some key suggestions for maximizing rehab efforts following surgical procedures [...]

Evidence Based Therapy

Translating Evidence into Physical Therapy Practice: How Evidence-Based is your Facility?

Hand Training

Hand therapy is a vital area of physical and occupational therapy following central and/or peripheral neurological damage.

Balance and Training

NeuroGym equipment has removed many of the limitations previously faced by physical therapists wanting to provide safe, intensive and enjoyable balance training.

Implementing a NeuroGym© Active Restorative Program in Eldercare

NeuroGym Technologies Inc. equipment developed out of a need for more effective training tools to enable the re-learning of motor skills after neurologic injury.

Clinical Application of Video Games in Neuro Rehab

The use of computer, video and virtual reality games like the Nintendo Wii is increasingly popular in clinical settings.

NeuroGym® Mobility Enablers: Enhancing the Nintendo Wii Experience

Wii activities can be safely carried out while in the Bungee Walker, thus preventing falls, and providing graduated support for those who have not yet regained the ability to stand and move independently.

Functional Incontinence: Addressing the Causative Factors

Resident incontinence represents a major challenge for the Long Term Care (LTC) industry.

RAI MDS 2.0 in Long Term Care: Enhancing Mobility and Tracking Improvement

NeuroGym Technologies and RAI MDS 2.0 in Long Term Care: Enhancing Mobility and Tracking Improvement. Having a common assessment tool will provide a way to compare the quality of care across the province.

Improving Quality Measures in Both Long and Short Term Settings

The NeuroGym® line of mobility training tools are specically designed to enable the type of exercise and movement training that will lead to real changes in functional mobility.