Sit-to-Stand Training Machine

The Neurogym Sit-to-Stand Trainer allows a person to regain transfer skills through squat training. The correct amount of counter weight is selected from a graduated weight stack to provide enough assistance for the person to stand – as long as they engage their standing muscles. Even if the person has minimal standing strength, the correct counter balance weight allows them to successfully execute a squat. As the individual’s strength and balance improves, the counter balance is reduced giving them less help and challenging them more.

Bungee Mobility Trainer (BMT) – Home Curcuit Training

This women trains with her husband daily in the Bungee Mobility Trainer (BMT) It allows her to practice ambulation in a safe way with varying body weight support capability. The BMT allows her to practice ambulation without support from her upper body so she can work on protective reaction skills in a more natural way.

Future of LTC 2

The TV room could be a different place. Nursing Rehab can manage a program like this in the TV room and anywhere else in the facility using these kinds of tools. This kind of training can improve strength, balance and coordination, all critical aspect of safer transfers, improved continence and falls prevention.

Bungee Mobility Trainer

The NeuroGym® Bungee Mobility Trainer is a versatile body weight support mechanism enabling safe, intensive motor retraining. The unique patented design enables the re-training of gait and natural protective reactions by counteracting loss of stability as naturally as possible. Comparable to a pool environment in terms of support, the Bungee Mobility Trainer allows graduated weight bearing while normal protective reactions such as sidestepping are re-developed.

Functional Independence Training Equipment – Neurogym Technologies

Neurogym Technologies manufactures a unique line of mobility training equipment that can significantly improve functional independence. The equipment targets and improves the underlying motor skills critical for day to day functions such as transfers, standing and walking. The tools allow for safe dynamic balance training for falls prevention, as well as transfer training to improve someones ability to transfer more safely, and in many cases transfer to the toilette independently.

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