The NeuroGym® Exercise Wheelchair converts from a standard wheelchair into a variable resistance flexion and extension exercise machine for the trunk and lower extremities. With the flick of a switch, the wheelchair seat, backrest or both can be enabled to allow for flexion and extension exercises of trunk, hips and knees.

The special footrest apparatus, which is stored under the seat, pulls out smoothly for use in exercise and folds back up easily so that it does not interfere with standard use of the wheelchair. When in exercise mode, the movement produced as the user flexes and extends the trunk and/or the lower extremities is smooth and graduated due to the bungee cord resistance, and can be performed through small or large amplitudes. When both the seat and the back rest are enabled, the simultaneous flexion and extension mimics the standing up motion.

The Exercise Wheelchair can be used as a standard wheelchair as well as an exercise chair for wheelchair bound individuals. Transfers to the Exercise Wheelchair, when required, are standard because the exercise footrest folds under the seat. It is suitable for use in long term care and nursing facilities, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and at home.