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Come See Our Equipment in the Medline Booth at:

  • Florida Healthcare Association Annual Conference & Trade Show, Orlando, FL July 31-Aug 4/17
  • Missouri Health Care Association Annual Conference & Trade Show, Branson, MO Aug 28-29/17
  • Louisiana Health Care Association meeting, New Orleans, LA Sept 6-8/17
  • Virginia Health Care Association Annual Conference & Trade Show, Richmond, VG Sept 11-14/17
  • Alabama State Health Care meeting, Birmingham, AL Sept 11-14/17

NeuroGym Technologies Inc. will also have a booth at the Canadian Stroke Congress, Calgary AB, Sept 9-11/17 – Come by & see the equipment in action!

Feasibility of Mobilizing Frail Elderly

Immobility among the elderly is a major reason for functional decline. It also raises the risk of health complications.  How can we best combat immobility in this population? How feasible is it to implement effective, practical and cost-effective interventions? In this Education Note, our Founder discusses the MOVE (Mobility Of Vulnerable Elders) initiative in both hospital and LTC settings.  Future Notes in this series will review more specific, measurable interventions that can be achieved with the NeuroGym Technologies equipment.

Improving Mobility : The Why & How

Why is maintaining and improving the function and mobility of residents in Long Term Care (LTC) so important? In today’s market, there are several driving factors, but quite simply, it is because improved mobility translates into health care cost savings.  Our latest application note reviews a study conducted in a LTC facility. It demonstrates that by safely enabling effective mobility training and ensuring that the associated exercise training is sufficiently intense, a facility can institute measureable improvement in resident mobility.  Such improvements can have a very positive effect on RAI MDS scores and on cost savings.


NeuroGym Technologies-Application-Based-Therapy

Come see us at the following conferences:

IHCA Conference in Peoria, IL – Sept 12th to 15th – Medline Booth

CHCA Conference in Colorado Springs, CO – Sept 19th to 22nd – Medline Booth

AHCA Conference in Nashville, TN – Oct 16th to 19th – Neurogym Booth #114

Leading Age Annual Conference in Indianapolis, IN – Oct 30th to Nov 1st – Neurogym Booth #1142

OLTCA Innovation Conference in Toronto, ON – Nov 23rd to Nov 25th – Neurogym Booth

Standing Frames versus Sit to Stand Trainer

In this Educational Note from our Founder, the effectiveness of different standing devices as a means of progressing mobility and function are compared as they relate to changes in Quality Measures/Indicators.  Learn why the ability to transfer, stand up independently or perform activities of daily living (ADL) can be more positively affected by using ‘enabling’ techniques that allow for strengthening key joints and training of the complete sequence of the standing-up movement, than through some older, more familiar methods.

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