Each piece of equipment from NeuroGym® Technologies is designed to be an enabler of movement.

Whether for individuals undergoing rehabilitation, for those wanting to maintain adequate strength and mobility to remain living independently at home or in a retirement residence, or for those in skilled nursing facilities who desire increased quality of life and functional independence, the NeuroGym® line of mobility training equipment provides an effective solution.

For therapists working in neurologic rehabilitation, post-surgical orthopaedic rehabilitation or cardiac rehab, the NeuroGym® equipment provides a very effective way to achieve and even surpass standard therapeutic goals.

In long term care settings, the NeuroGym® line of mobility enabling devices is changing lives and improving quality of life by enriching the quality and variety of mobility training options for frail and elderly individuals,

The application notes and articles on the right can be downloaded as examples of how the NeuroGym® Technologies equipment can be used in a variety of settings to improve clinical outcomes and make mobility training more effective and enjoyable.

Application Notes