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NeuroGym Technologies Acquired by Medline

We are pleased to announce that NeuroGym Technologies Inc. was acquired by Medline Industries, Inc. on July 6, 2018.  Medline is the largest family-owned manufacturer and distributor of high-quality medical supplies and solutions in the US.  They have been the exclusive distributor of the NeuroGym line of mobility training and rehab equipment in the US […]

Enhancing the MOVE Initiative

The MOVE (Mobility of Vulnerable Elders) initiative was created by the Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario to improve the mobility, function and health-related quality of life of LTC residents and hospitalized elderly. In this 2nd in a series of Educational Notes on the MOVE Initiative, our Founder, Avi Nativ PhD PT, discusses how such […]

Optimizing Rehab Minutes

NeuroGym equipment enables those who are either unsafe or unable to move to more effectively practice and improve their functional mobility.  This recent application note, Optimizing Rehab Minutes: A Focus on ‘Functional Training’ discusses how this can be accomplished in LTC and post-acute settings.

Come See Our Equipment in the Medline Booth at:

Florida Healthcare Association Annual Conference & Trade Show, Orlando, FL July 31-Aug 4/17 Missouri Health Care Association Annual Conference & Trade Show, Branson, MO Aug 28-29/17 Louisiana Health Care Association meeting, New Orleans, LA Sept 6-8/17 Virginia Health Care Association Annual Conference & Trade Show, Richmond, VG Sept 11-14/17 Alabama State Health Care meeting, Birmingham, […]

Feasibility of Mobilizing Frail Elderly

Immobility among the elderly is a major reason for functional decline. It also raises the risk of health complications.  How can we best combat immobility in this population? How feasible is it to implement effective, practical and cost-effective interventions? In this Education Note, our Founder discusses the MOVE (Mobility Of Vulnerable Elders) initiative in both […]

Improving Mobility : The Why & How

Why is maintaining and improving the function and mobility of residents in Long Term Care (LTC) so important? In today’s market, there are several driving factors, but quite simply, it is because improved mobility translates into health care cost savings.  Our latest application note reviews a study conducted in a LTC facility. It demonstrates that […]

Come see us at the following conferences:

IHCA Conference in Peoria, IL – Sept 12th to 15th – Medline Booth CHCA Conference in Colorado Springs, CO – Sept 19th to 22nd – Medline Booth AHCA Conference in Nashville, TN – Oct 16th to 19th – Neurogym Booth #114 Leading Age Annual Conference in Indianapolis, IN – Oct 30th to Nov 1st – […]


We’re pleased to announce our move to larger quarters and would like to invite you to our Open House.  Drop by June 9th between 3-7pm to see our equipment showroom and the clinic facilities! NeurogymRehab_OpenHouseInvite_WEB

Hip & Knee – Improve Outcomes/Limit Costs

Bundled Payments for Hip and Knee procedures will soon be a reality for many facilities in the US.  Leading edge equipment can help ensure the most effective rehab, improve outcomes and manage costs.  Our latest application note on Rehabilitation of the Hip and Knee provides some key suggestions for maximizing rehab efforts following surgical procedures [...]

Body-Weight-Support: From Above or Below?

This 3rd Education Note from our Founder discusses some critical differences between body-weight-support systems from above versus graduated support from below and highlights why these differences can impact the effectiveness of Gait Re-training, Falls Prevention and ultimately Quality Measures/Indicators, Stay Days and hospital re-admission.

Leading Age – Boston, MA

We will be exhibiting our unique line of mobility training devices at the Leading Age Annual Meeting & Expo in Boston, MA November 1 – 4, 2015. Come by our Booth #403 to see our equipment in action.

Parallel Bars vs Dynamic Training

In this 2nd Education Note from our Founder, two different balance & gait training accessories (Parallel Bars and the NeuroGym Bungee Mobility Trainer) are compared with respect to their effectiveness to progress mobility and function. Download Education Note

Standing Frames versus Sit to Stand Trainer

In this Educational Note from our Founder, the effectiveness of different standing devices as a means of progressing mobility and function are compared as they relate to changes in Quality Measures/Indicators.  Learn why the ability to transfer, stand up independently or perform activities of daily living (ADL) can be more positively affected by using ‘enabling’ [...]

AHCA/NCAL Annual Convention & Expo

Visit our booth at the AHCA/NCAL Annual Convention & Expo to see our equipment in action. AHCA/NCAL Annual Convention & Expo October 4-7, 2015 Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, San Antonio, TX Booth 1326

2015 Canadian Stroke Congress

Visit our booth at the 2015 Canadian Stroke Congress to see our equipment in action. 2015 Canadian Stroke Congress Sept 17-19, 2015 Toronto Congress Centre, Toronto, ON. Booth 213

NeuroGym Tech Product Flyer

2015 Product Flyer NeuroGym Tech equipment provides solutions for improving physical function and mobility.  See how our equipment can be used to improve Falls Prevention Programs & enhance the effectiveness of rehab programs. Download Our Flyer

OANHSS – Annual Meeting & Convention

Visit our booth at the Ontario Association of Non-Profit Homes and Services for Seniors convention to see our equipment in action. OANHSS - Annual Meeting & Convention Apr 13-15, 2015 Sheraton Centre, Toronto, ON Booth 331 Full Event Details

OLTCA – Together We Care 2015

Come by our booth at the Ontario Long Term Care Association (OLTCA) conference to see our equipment in action: OLTCA - Together We Care 2015 Mar 30 - Apr 1, 2015 Metro Convention Centre, Toronto, ON Booth 601

Evidence Based Therapy

Translating Evidence into Physical Therapy Practice: How Evidence-Based is your Facility?

Hand Training

Hand therapy is a vital area of physical and occupational therapy following central and/or peripheral neurological damage.

Balance and Training

NeuroGym equipment has removed many of the limitations previously faced by physical therapists wanting to provide safe, intensive and enjoyable balance training.

Implementing a NeuroGym© Active Restorative Program in Eldercare

NeuroGym Technologies Inc. equipment developed out of a need for more effective training tools to enable the re-learning of motor skills after neurologic injury.

Clinical Application of Video Games in Neuro Rehab

The use of computer, video and virtual reality games like the Nintendo Wii is increasingly popular in clinical settings.

NeuroGym® Mobility Enablers: Enhancing the Nintendo Wii Experience

Wii activities can be safely carried out while in the Bungee Walker, thus preventing falls, and providing graduated support for those who have not yet regained the ability to stand and move independently.

Functional Incontinence: Addressing the Causative Factors

Resident incontinence represents a major challenge for the Long Term Care (LTC) industry.

RAI MDS 2.0 in Long Term Care: Enhancing Mobility and Tracking Improvement

NeuroGym Technologies and RAI MDS 2.0 in Long Term Care: Enhancing Mobility and Tracking Improvement. Having a common assessment tool will provide a way to compare the quality of care across the province.

Improving Quality Measures in Both Long and Short Term Settings

The NeuroGym® line of mobility training tools are specically designed to enable the type of exercise and movement training that will lead to real changes in functional mobility.

Bungee Mobility Trainer – Training Video

Sit-to-Stand Trainer – Instructional Video

Bungee Mobility Trainer Stroke Application

TimTrainer with Voiceover

TimTrainer Appliction Video

Edmonton Stroke Rounds 2013

Alberta Health Services coordinates monthly Rehabilitation Rounds. This March 2013 session consisted of two groups presenting cases that utilized The Neurogym Trainer Biofeedback System specifically for Stroke rehab.

Pendulum Stepper – 2013

Recumbent stepping, range of motion and strength training for week extremities, LTC mobility training.

Sit-To-Stand Trainer

Not a lift, the Sit-to-Stand Trainer actively assists the standing motion with support at the knees, trunk and arms.

STS Physical Demand Assessment Video

The typical transfer status assessment process is often dangerous and subjective. This process both objectively quantifies the transfer status in a safe way for both the patient and nurse.

Therapeutic Efficacy from Neurogym Technologies

This video looks at a number of therapeutic goals with respect to stroke physiotherapy. It describes how these are currently achieved, then how they can be achieved more effectively, more efficiently, safer and in line with evidence based therapy.

Bungee Mobility Trainer – Training Video

Short training video on how to use the Bungee Mobility Trainer.

The Neurogym Trainer

Sit-to-Stand Trainer – Training Video

Using the Bungee Mobility Trainer over a treadmill

The Bungee Mobility Trainer is a variable body weight support system that can be used over a regular floor or over a treadmill.

Neurogym Exercise Wheelchair

The NeuroGym® Exercise Wheelchair converts from a standard wheelchair into a variable resistance flexion and extension exercise machine for the trunk and lower extremities.

Ankle Trainer

Strengthen paretic, sprained or post-surgical ankles by isolating and training targeted muscle groups through a complete range of motion. The NeuroGym® Ankle Trainer is a lightweight, portable device with an axle and foot platform that can be locked into place. This unique design permits training in dorsiflexion, plantar flexion, inversion, eversion, internal and external rotation—motions […]

The future of LTC?

Improving function can occur anywhere in an LTC facility. How about the TV room? People are more interested in the training than the TV!

St. Pats Study Video

Bungee Mobility Trainer – Application Video

Video Game & STS Training

STS Outcomes were improved significantly once video game motivation is added. Study was conducted on 11 seniors, average age 87. Study ran for 92 days.

Sit-to-Stand Training Machine

The Neurogym Sit-to-Stand Trainer allows a person to regain transfer skills through squat training. The correct amount of counter weight is selected from a graduated weight stack to provide enough assistance for the person to stand – as long as they engage their standing muscles. Even if the person has minimal standing strength, the correct […]

Bungee Mobility Training (BMT) In The Home

The Bungee Mobility Trainer (BMT) enables body weight supported protective reaction training. This unique training can be done in a home. In this case this women trains with her husband daily.

Bungee Mobility Trainer (BMT) – Home Curcuit Training

This women trains with her husband daily in the Bungee Mobility Trainer (BMT) It allows her to practice ambulation in a safe way with varying body weight support capability. The BMT allows her to practice ambulation without support from her upper body so she can work on protective reaction skills in a more natural way.

Future of LTC 2

The TV room could be a different place. Nursing Rehab can manage a program like this in the TV room and anywhere else in the facility using these kinds of tools. This kind of training can improve strength, balance and coordination, all critical aspect of safer transfers, improved continence and falls prevention.

Evelyn on the STS

CTV News Exercise Wheelchair

CTV News Clip

Bungee Mobility Trainer

The NeuroGym® Bungee Mobility Trainer is a versatile body weight support mechanism enabling safe, intensive motor retraining. The unique patented design enables the re-training of gait and natural protective reactions by counteracting loss of stability as naturally as possible. Comparable to a pool environment in terms of support, the Bungee Mobility Trainer allows graduated weight […]

Functional Independence Training Equipment – Neurogym Technologies

Neurogym Technologies manufactures a unique line of mobility training equipment that can significantly improve functional independence. The equipment targets and improves the underlying motor skills critical for day to day functions such as transfers, standing and walking. The tools allow for safe dynamic balance training for falls prevention, as well as transfer training to improve […]