We have walkers at our facility – isn’t the Bungee Mobility Trainer like a walker with an overhead harness?

No, the Bungee Mobility Trainer provides a unique form of body weight support from beneath . You may have seen systems that involve an overhead harness mechanism that will hold someone up if they stumble or fall. This doesn’t allow people to practice righting their balance independently. If they stumble, they are held up by the harness system. In the Bungee Mobility Trainer, the graduated support is provided from below, so that if a stumble occurs, the individual can practice the protective side stepping reactions that need to occur to regain a balanced stance. The support of the Bungee Mobility Trainer seat is under the individual if they need it, but otherwise they can practice regaining their balance in an unheeded, natural way. This allows safe balance training in which individuals can, for example reach or step outside their normal base of support, without fear of falling. If total loss of balance occurs , the individual is held up in a sitting position on the seat. This allows safe practice of falling and most importantly the possibility of realistically practicing the righting responses and protective stepping that can prevent a fall after a stumble.