Much has been discovered in the research fields of motor control and movement science that has the potential to make huge contributions to clinical outcomes in rehabilitation and restorative care. Dr. Avi Nativ, a PhD in motor control and a registered physiotherapist, has spent a generation developing a methodology for his patients that translates many of these research findings into clinical practice and optimizes the plastic changes we now know the brain is capable of undergoing.

Much of Dr. Nativ’s research and clinical work in neurorehabilitation has been done at his centre in Ottawa called NeuroGym Rehabilitation. Dr. Nativ’s methodology utilizes state of the art motor control and movement science principles and has given rise to a unique line of rehabilitation equipment that has been commercialized by NeuroGym® Technologies Inc.

Since this technology has evolved out of research and clinical work, the tools are clinically practical as well as effective. Clinicians can take patients in and out of these machines quickly and they are designed to be mobile with a small footprint to deal with the clinical reality, in many cases, of limited space.

The equipment and methodology allow patients to actively practice tasks needed to improve their static and dynamic stability, mobility and weight-bearing ability, while using therapist resources more efficiently.

Each piece of equipment can be used on it’s own or combined with intensive game-based biofeedback programs with the NeuroGym® Trainer and Tim Trainer. Because these programs are fun to use, they enhance compliance while quantifying improvement.

NeuroGym® Technologies Inc. equipment is widely used in hospital, clinical, skilled nursing, long term care, retirement, recreational and home settings.

NeuroGym® Technologies Inc. manufactures a comprehensive line of patented mobility enabling equipment to improve functional independence. Our tools address all issues of mobility for a wide range of consumers. From severe motor deficits following traumatic brain or spinal cord injury, to chronic conditions or diseases like Multiple Sclerosis Cerebral Palsy or Parkinson’s Disease, to common balance and Falls Prevention issues in the elderly, our equipment was developed to enable movement and retraining where it would be otherwise very difficult or impossible to do.