The NeuroGym® Exercise Wheelchair converts from a standard wheelchair into a variable resistance flexion and extension exercise machine for the trunk and lower extremities.

With the flick of a switch, the wheelchair seat, backrest or both can be enabled to allow for flexion and extension exercises of trunk, hips and knees.

The special footrest apparatus, which is stored under the seat, pulls out smoothly for use in exercise and folds back up easily so that it does not interfere with standard use of the wheelchair.

Key Benefits

  • Allow for effective functional strengthening of the trunk and lower extremities – critical antigravity muscles for stabilizing posture and enabling standing and transfers. Improved trunk strength also allows for improved ability to turn over in bed more independently.
  • Doubles as a comfortable wheelchair
  • Does not require transfers
  • Can be used to improve endurance in weak, wheelchair-bound users

“I am able to exercise my legs and trunk on my own with the Exercise Wheelchair. I have not been able to effectively train my quads, hips, back and abdominal muscles any other way.”

Joanne, a 57 year-old woman with Multiple Sclerosis

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