Long Term Care/Skilled Nursing

NeuroGym® Technologies products are leading the paradigm shift in Elder Care from one of immobility to one of mobility.

Acute/Sub Acute Rehab

NeuroGym® Technologies tools safely and effectively address important neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation challenges.

Home Care & Retirement

NeuroGym® Technologies line of mobility enabling equipment is designed to help maintain mobility and prevent falls.

Latest Application/Education Notes

Feasibility of Mobilizing Frail Elderly

Immobility among the elderly is a major reason for functional decline. It also raises the risk of health complications.  How can we best combat immobility in this population? How feasible is it to implement effective, practical and cost-effective interventions? In this Education Note, our Founder discusses the MOVE (Mobility Of Vulnerable Elders) initiative in both hospital and LTC settings.  Future Notes in this series will review more specific, measurable interventions that can be achieved with the NeuroGym Technologies equipment.

Latest Events

NeuroGym Technologies-Application-Based-Therapy

Come See Our Equipment in the Medline Booth at:

  • Florida Healthcare Association Annual Conference & Trade Show, Orlando, FL July 31-Aug 4/17
  • Missouri Health Care Association Annual Conference & Trade Show, Branson, MO Aug 28-29/17
  • Louisiana Health Care Association meeting, New Orleans, LA Sept 6-8/17
  • Virginia Health Care Association Annual Conference & Trade Show, Richmond, VG Sept 11-14/17
  • Alabama State Health Care meeting, Birmingham, AL Sept 11-14/17
NeuroGym Technologies Inc. will also have a booth at the Canadian Stroke Congress, Calgary AB, Sept 9-11/17 - Come by & see the equipment in action!